Introducing the Missional Student Podcast

We have launched a podcast!

What is a “podcast”? Glad you asked!

Podcasting is a tool to communicate ideas and share stories. It is our goal at Missional Student to equip students to live on mission every day. You can read more about why we started Missional Student here.

To think and act like a missionary requires a paradigm shift (Not convinced that every Christian is called to be a missionary? Read this post). This is a very difficult thing to do. It requires effort. It necessitates focus. We believe the podcast is one tool to help you discipline yourself to think and live on mission every day. We hope you are able to listen and enjoy! (Look for a new podcast every week!)

How can you listen?

You can listen in your browser on our Podcast Page, on or through any of these (and more!) popular podcasting apps:

Philip Leineweber

Phil is the pastor of SURGE Student Ministries at Berean Baptist Church. He is married to Sarah and together they love raising their three boys.

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