The B.E.L.L.S. Acronym was first originated by Michael Frost in his book Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture. It is a helpful tool to help you be proactive in living-out Missional Rhythms in your daily life.

1. Bless

Seek to bless three people far from Jesus every week through acts of kindness or service, gifts, or words of affirmations.

2. Eat

Make it a regular rhythm to bring others to a table for the sake of conversation about life, relationships, and faith. Eat with at least one member of the church, one person far from Jesus, and one other person.

3. Learning Jesus

Set aside time weekly and follow and learn the life of Jesus. Learn who He is, how He lived, how He talked. We need to live and breath Jesus so that he flows off of our tongue in conversation.

4. Listen to the Holy Spirit

Allow the Spirit to prompt you. Who is God leading you to bless and reach out to? We need to follow the Spirit’s lead in conversation, in meditation on Scripture, and in prayer.

5. Sent

Start viewing yourself as a missionary: a sent one. See every aspect of your life as an opportunity to do God’s work and represent Him missionally in the world.

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