These Biblical concepts of missional living were first framed in this acronym by Dave Ferguson, the Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church in Chicago.

Celebrate opportunities that God has given you over the past week to BLESS your lost friends, schoolmates, coworkers, neighbors and family members. These missional practices help reorient your life in order to be proactive at showing and sharing Jesus. These five behaviors follow the BLESS acrostic.

1. Be in Prayer (Dependency)

Strive to begin every day by intentionally praying for 10 people who don’t know Jesus by name. This develops your dependency on God because you cannot save anyone. You are totally dependent on God to draw others to Himself.

2. Listen (Attentiveness)

Be slow to speak and quick to listen (James 1:19) As you interact with those far from Jesus try to listen for their story and ways that you can serve them. This develops your attentiveness. As you learn their story it will help you know how to apply the gospel to their lives.

3. Eat (Hospitality)

The table has an amazing way of breaking down barriers and creating natural conversation. Ty to eat with one person who does not follow Jesus each week. This develops your hospitality as you meet a friend for a cup of coffee or a meal or have them over to your home. This makes room for more conversation about their story and you learn ways that you can serve them.

4. Serve (Generosity)

As you eat with your friends and listen to their story you learn how you can demonstrate the love of Christ to them in practical ways. This develops your generosity as you invest your time, treasure and talents in serving friends who are far from Jesus. These acts of kindness tenderize their hearts and prepare them to hear the gospel.

5. Story (Boldness)

Once you know their story, look for an opportunity to share Your Story (How Jesus has changed your life) and then His Story (The Gospel). This develops the character quality of boldness in us.

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