QUIZ: How Missional Are You?

Answer the following questions honestly to find out how Missional you really are!

How often do you think of yourself as a missionary?
How many close friends do you have who are far from Jesus?
How often do you pray for friends and family who are far from Jesus?
How many of your meals do you leverage to build friendships with those far from Jesus?
Do you feel comfortable asking non-superficial questions and listening to the stories of your friends who are far from Jesus?
When is the last time you listened to a non-Christian talk about their spiritual beliefs?
When is the last time you intentionally served (met a need, helped them, gave them a gift, wrote them a note, etc.) someone just to show them the love of Jesus?
How would you describe your walk with Jesus?
How comfortable do you feel talking about Jesus and the gospel with your non-Christian friends/family?
When is the last time you shared the good news of Jesus with someone who has not received Christ?

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